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Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure Water Window cleaning is also known as “Water Fed Pole” or WFP Window Cleaning for short.

This is a modern method of window cleaning, which we use as well as the Traditional Window Cleaning Method. In this style of window cleaning, use only Pure Deionised Water on the glass – no detergents are used to wash and rinse the windows, frames and window sills.

When cleaning your windows, we use a specially designed ‘brush head’. This is no normal brush head, but has been specifically designed and made for the purpose of cleaning glass with pure water. This brush head goes on the end of a long pole. We then pump up pure water to the brush head, and through jets in the brush. Using this pure water and this special brush head, we can remove the dirt from your windows, frames and sills. The fibres in these brushes have a number of qualities, but those most important to you are:

  • They do not hold dirt in the brush fibres themselves, which aid the window cleaning process.
  • The brush fibres are kind to glass, and don’t mark your windows.
  • Your Sills and Frames are also cleaned at the same time.

After the dirt has been removed, we rinse off the windows with more of this treated water. This leaves them very clean, and since the is no residue from detergent, cleaning product, contaminates in the water or anything else, your windows actually stay cleaner for longer! They stay cleaner, because there is nothing for the dirt to stick to – no residues, not even a micro fine layer since everything has been cleaned off using pure water and rinsed again just to make sure it’s clean, with pure de-ionised water.

Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, after we have finished cleaning your windows, it will leave your windows and frames wet. By leaving them to dry naturally, it stops the chances of introducing any contaminates, thus leaving them sparkling clean and they stay cleaner for longer!